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to which side?

collages on found paper

photographs fall, 2021

To Which Side_ Collage.jpg

8.5 X 11" – found paper

photos – fall, 2021


4" X 8.5" – found paper

photos – fall, 2021

to which side?

I’m on the hill, again
looking right
to morning Clouds, over
cars, resting
bumpers, peaking
–sniffing the view
up there,
alone, but together
in the lot
that's becoming usual

I pull grass
I hold seeds for a step or
two, and
I let them go – with a thought for the day,
up there, ahead

in brick – clicking and
breathing and holding

I feel the dirt, shifting
gravel, trickling
off my shoes
– gifted, recently
to walk comfortably
into something new,

I suppose

what will that be?

I ask the sky each morning
and the ceiling each night

I close my eyes and 
find myself
on top of the wall,

I know I’ll fall
but to which side?

piece copy_edited.jpg

Collages + Prose – Tech Show

Gallery 371 – AUArts, February 2021

Stove, Cloth.jpg
bowl, spoon, empty mac-n-cheese copy.jpg
Sink, Colander copy.jpg
Sink, Spoon 2 copy.jpg
legs copy.jpg
lamp, curtain copy.jpg
pillow copy.jpg
Lamp, red copy.jpg
curtain, blinds, shadow, lamp copy.jpg
curtain, blinds, shadow, lamp 2 copy.jpg
hand, pjs copy.jpg
sink, running water copy.jpg
freezer, bananas copy.jpg
drying rack 2 copy.jpg
drying rack 1 copy.jpg
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