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added: little room 

zine, self-published in 2019

photographs + writing from 2016

I created a section on the website where you can purchase zines + prints!

> Zines + Prints

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photo diary

Over the past few years I've been experimenting with how I share the photos that I've been shooting recently. I couldn't figure out my preference until a few weeks ago when I decided that, with the new website, I'd create a diary format where I'd post recent photos in a bi-monthly-ish pace – sort of like a blog. I'll add photographs as I shoot, develop, and scan them throughout the year.  My first entry consists of a couple of rolls that I processed in October from the spring. 

> Diary

I've created a new website! I was attached to my old site's chaotic layout, however the day has finally come for something more functional. Over the next few months I'll be transferring my past projects here, while also adding recent photos.

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